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    Premium Properties at Affordable Cost At

    Assotech Limited

    Assotech Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is one of the leading real estate developers with almost twenty five years of rich experience. It is advancing at a fast pace and would soon become one of the most creative, innovative and lustrous developers of residential, retail, corporate, hospitality spaces in the country.

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    Our Ongoing Projects

    The philosophy of continuous improvement is practiced at Assotech Limited, which believes in delighting its customers, not just satisfying them. The secret of our success can be attributed to a combination of total.

    Blog Section

    Our Latest Blog

    A part and parcel of the timeline of Assotech’s success story. We believe in speaking with our craftsmanship and not by words.


    Industry Expert

    ASSOTECH thrives on continuous improvement in the delivery of product & services in line with the ISO Certification. ASSOTECH's projects are distinguished by high quality construction and to create an ideal living and working environment. The promise of quality and prompt service remains constant!


    Team Member

    Mr. K C Sharma


    Team Member

    Mr. Achal Sharma

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